Plastic, wood chip and sawdust compression


Moór Ltd. has undertaken to design and develop a new container press technology that complies with traffic safety regulations and is compatible with multilift system vehicles currently used in logistics systems. With this solution, it is possible to transport loose materials, such as wood chips and sawdust, in a compact and more economical way. The development consists in the creation of a docking and pressing station to be deployed, which achieves the compression of the shipment without transforming the shipping containers, changing applicability or increasing the cost.

Our development goal - unlike containers for waste compressing - is to build a deployable compressing, docking station that is easy to set up at the site of production, and is suitable for receiving currently used and widespread roller containers. With this solution, we can ensure that there is no need to replace an existing container park (eg a shipping company), an appliance is capable of serving multiple containers, reducing investment costs, but not reducing its useful capacity nor increasing the weight of the container. also ensuring the possible use of traditional containers that meet international standards and strict road transport regulations.

The solution is provided by the docking hydraulic press, which compesses the wood at the place of production, thus doubling its transportability, as the volume set becomes a template, which makes the placement easy to implement, and the actual transport capacity increases and utilizes proportionally. Costs are reimbursed for fuel prices and tolls, as there are no excess transport routes due to the inappropriate distribution of quantitative deposists.


Project description:

Tasks supporting the export activities and the market research planned during the project were realized.

Participation in foreign exhibition: we participated in the ITM Polska 2019 exhibition, which was held during 2019.06.04-07. During the exhibition we also had the opportunity to establish partnerships and business relationships with the help of an interpreter.

Durable, reusable marketing tools related to market access activities were finished:

In addition, counseling related to the fair and the product presentation was realized. The website has been completed, available in two foreign languages. The project has been successfully closed, the planned activities and the project objectives have been achieved.


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